What is margarine?

Margarine is often compared to plastic and it’s said not to be a “natural” product – whatever that means. It may seem scary at first, seeing all those strange terms when you read about how margarine is made. For example, they talk about extraction, molecules and use a lot of other nerd-terms. Which is why our very own and favourite chemistry teacher will now helpfully explain everything. What exactly is margarine?

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Vegan strawberry coconut cake

A summery cake from our cook book Andere Koek. This cake is vegan, gluten free and smells wonderful. Especially the recipe for the crust is something to remember - you can also use it with all kinds of different fillings!

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Eco friendly laundry detergent

Now that we’ve covered soap, shampoo and cleaning products, it’s now time for… laundry detergent! This article came about in corporation with the Instagram pod that I’ve been in for a long time. I don’t think we’ve come very far yet when it comes to algorithm results, but we discuss pretty much anything. So, you can thank Meatball Inc (how we got that name is a long story) for this blog post.

First, let me debunk a myth that I come across a lot

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Vegan ijs test

Het is heel erg fijn dat er steeds meer vegan varianten komen van reguliere producten. Uiteraard niet alleen voor het milieu maar ook voor het gemak. Ik eet niet elke dag vegan maar ik ben bijvoorbeeld wel lactose intolerant waardoor ik heel veel ijs niet kan eten. Dit betekende heel lang dat ik zelf ijs moest maken. Uiteraard is dit geen probleem maar soms mis je wel eens het gemak waarmee je een pak uit de vriezer haalt en direct een traktatie hebt.

Wij namen de zeer zware taak op ons om verschillende vegan ijsjes te testen en we kozen ook gelijk de allerlekkerste voor je uit

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Eco friendly on a budget

An argument you often hear about why people find it difficult to live more environmentally friendly, is money. Many organic products – whether it’s food, clothes, or cosmetics – are more expensive than the regular products. And sadly, that is the truth. Sometimes I read pieces from brave blogger who come up with all sorts of theories to prove that actually, when you look at your total expenses, this is not true. But whenever I do my groceries at the organic store, I’m shocked to see the bill and I do really want to cry when looking at the prize tags of certain fashion brands. So, yes, living more environmentally friendly is more expensive, but there is also a lot you can do without it ending up with you breaking down in front of a cashier. ..

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The cookies we send

A couple of a years ago, I was spending my birthday laying on the couch, just like another other day (I know I’ll die with a flat head), when a big envelope fell through our letter box. Inside it, there were (still completely whole) homemade oatmeal cookies from Barbara from De Wereld van Fien (literally translated: Fien’s World). She had sent a sweet little birthday card along with it and that’s when I truly felt like it was my birthday. It was so special receiving freshly made cookies like that, and since then Johann and I have also been sending cookies to people who we feel is in the need for a little support, or as a way to say “thank you”.

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Vegan chocolate mousse with almonds

Despite my love/hate relationship with Instagram, I do love it for always giving me inspiration. And you do meet some great people on there, who you otherwise would never have gotten to know. So, despite all the algorithm frustrations, I still like Instagram. For example, for a very long time now I have been following Nina Parker, not just because I want to have all of her clothes, or go on all of her travels, but also because of the delicious food she always shares. This time we decided to make her vegan chocolate mousse and it was delicious

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Rock your crystals

Hanneke her first book “Rock Your Crystals”. This book is wonderfully honest, not at all demeaning, and invites you to take some time for yourself, while also being aware of what you actually really need. And whether this is having a nice hot bath with stones and oils, or just some deep breathing exercises, it is all good. Crystals remind you that you need to pay attention to what feels good to you! Read my review and energy-cleanse ritual

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Summer abundance pie with vegan lemon curd

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know summer isn’t exactly my favourite season of the year. I don’t much like the heat, that barbeque smell, or the extra noise outside. But I do love all the fresh fruits that are now available in the shops, and admittedly, summer morning are perhaps some of the most gorgeous mornings in existence.

Here is our simple sweet summer pie with vegan lemon curd

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Vegan coconut macaroons

These macaroons are honestly so addictive. As a child, I would always remove the wafer part and eat the rest. The slightly crunchy bottom combined with the softness of the inside from the sweetness of the coconut is just so extraordinarily good. This version doesn’t have the little wafer, so you can immediately begin eating.

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Silken tofu cheesecake

Not that long ago, I got a message from Suus from Puur Suzanne, who told me she had finally found the recipe for the best vegan cheesecake of all time. As any serious food blogger should, she put her own twist on it and also sent me the original recipe, so I could be creative with it as well. First, I followed the original recipe to try it out for myself, and honestly, I sold from the very first bite. Suus wasn’t lying: this is the best vegan cheesecake of all time

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Simple series oven baked tomatoes

When we first decided to start this series of simple recipes, we completely forgot about this one particular recipe. We have made this so often, we don’t even think about it anymore. And that while the entire point of this series is to share those basic recipes that you want to make over and over and over again. This particular recipe we have been making for over 13 years now, and it manages to turn any salad into a fancy meal..

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Coffee to stay chocolate donuts

Not long ago, I wrote an article about sustainable and organic coffee and tea. With every choice we make as consumers, we can exercise a little bit of positive influence on the world around us, such as the environment and work conditions. And seeing as Johann and I aren’t the only ones in The Netherlands with a coffee addiction – Dutch people drink the most coffee in all of Europe – it is amazing to be able to have coffee that not only tastes great, but is also produced fairly.

Recently, I was contacted by Coffee to Stay, from whom I learned that their business does not only make sure coffee bean farmers are compensated fairly for their work, but are also taught how to work with climate change

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My kitchen tips

So, to be clear, I’m definitely not a great cook. I can come up with new recipes just fine, understand flavour combinations, or at least I try to, and I also get that sometimes recipes don’t turn out well. I love food, but it is actually Johann who cooks and bakes most of the days. It is thanks to him that we eat so well every day.
And yet I do have some helpful tips…

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Food photography tips

After having shared plenty of tips with regards to food styling and studio work, I now want to share some photography tips. As with everything in life, the most important thing when it comes to photography is practice, practice, practice. Johann always used to say during photography workshops, that your first 1000 photos will be crap. But then you’ll finally that take one picture where you can see just how much you’ve improved.

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