Suus & Johann

Hi, we are Suus, Johann, and dachshund Moos and together we are Food Bandits. Over six years ago, we started out as a blog and now Food Bandits has become a fully established company. We offer workshops on photography, styling and social media, and do the photography for web shops and companies per request.


Our company has emerged from our love for sharing things that make us happy and, seeing as we were often talking about food, we were quickly to decided that we would start as a food blog. In six years’ time, we have changed our diet to one that is lactose free and have been searching for ways to make delicious lactose-free cakes and other great dishes that you can enjoy. We became addicted to Instagram and were able to write our very own cookbook named: Good Morning! And at the end of october we released our second cookbook; ‘Andere koek’. A cookbook soley dedicated to vegan and allergen friendly cakes and pies.

Johann is a full-time physics and chemistry teacher at a high school and Suus keeps herself busy with the daily grind of everything that has to do with Food Bandits, while Moos keeps hoping to run into his one true love Jill the Rottweiler at the park (she’s quite impressive, but Moos says that’s a positive thing)

If you would like to work with us, then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us for:

  • workshops

  • online coaching (incl social media)

  • photography and styling

  • recipe developing

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