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Vegan strawberry custard tart

When I saw this vegan strawberry custard tart in the Vegan for good cookbook by Rita Serano, I knew I wanted it try it out. I immediately longed for summer when I saw those strawberries and the tart turned out to be lucious and tasty.

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How to start eating healthy

Tonics, serums, detox, healthy lifestyles are booming business right now and trying to live accordingly seems to be getting more and more complicated. Skin care has its own language, each lunar phase its own crystal, and I could list about a dozen more example of this. Although I do like trying out new products, love those sprays from Rock Your World (not sponsored) and believe that spirulina – although admittedly disgusting – is good for you body, for now I want to discuss what ‘healthy’ actually entails. It really doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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Eco friendly cleaning part two

When we first moved into our new house, we got the chance to test some of our new ideas about cleaning right away. I was so happy to make some proper use of my strange you tube addiction, watching cleaning videos.

So here are my best tips on removing lime scale, cleaning your sink, kitchen….

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Chemistry of baking part one

Het is maar goed dat Johann de recepten ontwikkelt want ik ben niet cijfermatig aangelegd en ik hou al helemaal niet van precies werken. Naast het feit dat ik dus alleen verantwoordelijk ben voor het maken van de linzensoep (een recept wat zeer vergevingsgezind is) is het ook fijn dat Johann vanuit de scheikunde begrijpt wat alle ingrediënten doen. Deze kennis heb je nodig om 'anders' te kunnen bakken. Dus om een recept glutenvrij, vegan, lactosevrij, of ei-vrij te maken.

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How to make a book part 4

Throughout the book-creating process you will be sending pictures and written pieces to the editor, who will see whether you’re still on the right track. This means they won’t only be looking at the recipes themselves, but also at the explanations of certain special ingredients, how the recipes work, how import it is to be aware that every oven works differently in each recipe (and how the seasons have an effect on this as well), and your word of thanks.

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