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Gooey vegan and gf chocolate cake

Imagine having a brownie, a chocolate cake, and a Schwartzwälder kirsch torte in one. And now imagine this also being incredibly easy to make, while also being gluten free and completely plantbased! No worrying about finding all the ingredients at your local supermarket. Doesn’t that deserve its own celebratory statue or at the very least its own song, written and performed for Food Bandits?

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The cookies we send

A couple of a years ago, I was spending my birthday laying on the couch, just like another other day (I know I’ll die with a flat head), when a big envelope fell through our letter box. Inside it, there were (still completely whole) homemade oatmeal cookies from Barbara from De Wereld van Fien (literally translated: Fien’s World). She had sent a sweet little birthday card along with it and that’s when I truly felt like it was my birthday. It was so special receiving freshly made cookies like that, and since then Johann and I have also been sending cookies to people who we feel is in the need for a little support, or as a way to say “thank you”.

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Simple series granola

Granola is the perfect recipe for someone who can’t bake to save their life, but it is also a great basis for a good healthy breakfast, and will give you a happy feeling for the rest of the week.

To be completely honest, this is also my way of cooking and baking: throw a bunch of stuff together and pop it in the oven. But, of course, Food Bandits does sound a lot nicer. We make a big bowl of granola regularly, and I have some every morning with some fresh fruits, and Johann drowns it in almond milk.

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Chocolate pear cake

Simple cakes are, of course, the best. Especially now that we’re so busy with selling our house, looking for a new house, Johann’s new job, and the new work for Food Bandits, we don’t really have the time to spend literal hours in the kitchen.

For this cake, you’ll only need a bowl and a wooden spoon, and you’ll be good to go!

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Ultimate chocolate pie

Whoa alweer het einde van onze kerst reeks met recepten. Ik hoop dat je inmiddels al je menu rond hebt waarbij je niet te lang in de keuken hoeft te staan of eerst 35455555 supermarkten hoef te bezoeken. Er is tenslotte niks mis met een lekkere pizza en zolang het een beetje gezellig is met kerst heb je al een fijne dag te pakken. Johann en ik hebben wel eens wat friet in de oven gegooid, een spuuglelijke joggingbroek aan gedaan en een stapel dvd's gekeken. Was een zeer ontspannen kerst kan ik je vertellen.

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