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The cookies we send

A couple of a years ago, I was spending my birthday laying on the couch, just like another other day (I know I’ll die with a flat head), when a big envelope fell through our letter box. Inside it, there were (still completely whole) homemade oatmeal cookies from Barbara from De Wereld van Fien (literally translated: Fien’s World). She had sent a sweet little birthday card along with it and that’s when I truly felt like it was my birthday. It was so special receiving freshly made cookies like that, and since then Johann and I have also been sending cookies to people who we feel is in the need for a little support, or as a way to say “thank you”.

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Vegan chocolate mousse with almonds

Despite my love/hate relationship with Instagram, I do love it for always giving me inspiration. And you do meet some great people on there, who you otherwise would never have gotten to know. So, despite all the algorithm frustrations, I still like Instagram. For example, for a very long time now I have been following Nina Parker, not just because I want to have all of her clothes, or go on all of her travels, but also because of the delicious food she always shares. This time we decided to make her vegan chocolate mousse and it was delicious

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Summer abundance pie with vegan lemon curd

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know summer isn’t exactly my favourite season of the year. I don’t much like the heat, that barbeque smell, or the extra noise outside. But I do love all the fresh fruits that are now available in the shops, and admittedly, summer morning are perhaps some of the most gorgeous mornings in existence.

Here is our simple sweet summer pie with vegan lemon curd

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Simple series oven baked tomatoes

When we first decided to start this series of simple recipes, we completely forgot about this one particular recipe. We have made this so often, we don’t even think about it anymore. And that while the entire point of this series is to share those basic recipes that you want to make over and over and over again. This particular recipe we have been making for over 13 years now, and it manages to turn any salad into a fancy meal..

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If you want a quick and easy breakfast or snack to make without an oven, then rawnola is what you need. Seeing as it has become customary for us to start the day off with granola, it can be nice to mix things up a little sometimes. Oh, and if you add some extra dates or other dried fruits to this recipe, you can also make some delicious bars to take to school or work with you.

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Vegan and GF Banoffee pie

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a fancy and sweet-tasting pie. Banoffee pie with salted caramel and caramelised banana is exactly that kind of pie. It’s that kind of pie you really shouldn’t take two slices of, but you do anyway

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Simple series tahini sauce

This has to be the easiest recipe we have, but we make this so often and we never get sick of it, so here it is anyway. This easy to make tahini dressing is delicious in a salad or with some grilled veggies. Or, if you make some quinoa with chopped raw vegetables, this dressing will finish it off perfectly!

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Vegan and GF Pizza

Does this post really need an introduction? I can’t even express how happy and relieved I am now that we have a great recipe for gluten free and vegan pizza, that also actually tastes like pizza. No offence, but cauliflower is not pizza and courgette is not pasta. Both are great as veggies. Definitely! But we want actual pasta and actual pizza.

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Christmas cake

It seemed like a nice challenge for us to try to create a vegan and gluten free version of this classic Christmas treat. And a quick bake version of it too, just in case you still need to catch up on Stir Up Sunday. The heating up of the ingredients makes the flavours even stronger, which will make you even happier when you taste all those wonderful spices, the orange and the coffee. I, at least, know for certain that we’ll be making this cake again for Christmas.

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Gevulde speculaas

Is er een taart of cake wat lekkerder ruikt dan gevulde speculaas? Wat meer herinneringen oproept? Ik denk het bijna niet.
Deze gevulde speculaas is een ware traktatie, zacht maar met een heel licht korstje. De vulling is heerlijk en niet te bitter. Ik denk dat ik deze traktatie nog maar heel vaak moet eten voordat het echt Sinterklaas is.

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Pear cake

Voor ons begint de herfst pas wanneer we een perencake hebben gebakken. Of eerlijk gezegd aan het begin van de zomer want dan ben ik de hitte en herrie al weer zat en hoop ik stiekem op veel regen. Oh ja ik ben vast mede-verantwoordelijk voor vakanties waar je wordt weggespoeld. Maar dan maak ik het nu goed met een heerlijke perencake.

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Ginger tea cake

Because we’ve only been baking for our new cook book these last few weeks, it can also be wonderful to simply make something for yourself once in a while. The fact that we’re still baking to relax shows how much were truly care about Food Bandits.

The past few weeks have been chaotic for us. Of course, we’ve just moved and although Huisduinen is a gorgeous place,

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A new book....

Niets is zo lekker als eigen gebakken taart uit de oven, geen betere start van de dag dan met een grote stapel pannenkoeken. Er is zoveel mogelijk met een beslagkom, pollepel en oven. 
Dit schreven we aan Kosmos uitgevers. Wij weten dat met een liefde voor taarten en cakes ons bedrijf is ontstaan. En we weten ook dat het de creatieve uitdaging van het vegan en glutenvrij bakken is die ons elke dag weer drijft. We delen niet altijd de recepten of gooien alles op social media want al hadden we geen Food Bandits, je vindt ons altijd in de keuken.

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At home

Het is even stil geweest op onze blog. Maar de verhuizing, verbouwingen naast ons oude en ironisch genoeg, nieuwe huis, het maken van een kookboek, workshops en nieuwe projecten maakte dat we niet toe kwamen aan heerlijk rommelen in de keuken. En hoewel de extra frieten, repen chocolade en glazen wijn heerlijk waren zijn we nu wel weer toe aan wat gezonder eten. Al blijft de definitie voor gezond altijd relatief.

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