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How to eat eco friendly

Doing more for the environment on a small budget. There’s actually a lot you can do. I believe that we as consumers have the power and ability to make a difference, even just by doing the little things. For example, I have had many arguments with my neighbour, who used to give a lot of loud and highly annoying parties. His excuse for this was that he only did this a couple of times a year. My answer to this was that if all 17 million people in The Netherlands thought the same way, no one would ever get any sleep anymore. In short, you can make a difference! Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I would like to talk about how you can make a difference when it comes to your daily diet and the environment.

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Vegan mayo test

Toen we een paar jaar geleden volledig vegan aten had je de keuze uit misschien twee vegan opties die beiden naast duur smaakten naar verzuurde zweetsok. Het was geen succes. Gelukkig springen nu ook grote bedrijven in op vegan producten en kunnen we “normale”vegan mayo eten. We testen er 4 voor je uit.

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