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Eco friendly Organicup

In my search for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, I’ve written about what kind of cleaning products I use, and what soap and shampoo, but also about how I struggle with my H&M clothing addition. It’s a process of constant trial and error, but the intention is there, and the things that do go well, I gladly share as well.

But for a long time now I have struggled to find a good alternative to period products. I wanted something I could trust and thought it was bad enough already to have to deal with PMS each month in the first place

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How to start eating healthy

Tonics, serums, detox, healthy lifestyles are booming business right now and trying to live accordingly seems to be getting more and more complicated. Skin care has its own language, each lunar phase its own crystal, and I could list about a dozen more example of this. Although I do like trying out new products, love those sprays from Rock Your World (not sponsored) and believe that spirulina – although admittedly disgusting – is good for you body, for now I want to discuss what ‘healthy’ actually entails. It really doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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