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How to make a book part 4

Throughout the book-creating process you will be sending pictures and written pieces to the editor, who will see whether you’re still on the right track. This means they won’t only be looking at the recipes themselves, but also at the explanations of certain special ingredients, how the recipes work, how import it is to be aware that every oven works differently in each recipe (and how the seasons have an effect on this as well), and your word of thanks.

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How to make a book part 1

Welcome to our new blog series: “How to make a book”. The cook book market has been a successful one here in The Netherlands for a while now. I think everyone has at least one book by Jamie Oliver or Yotam Ottolenghi on their bookshelf at home. And for all the Dutchies, a good book by Yvette van Boven has almost become obligatory to own. But how exactly do you write such a book?

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