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Simple series tomato soup

The best recipes are created when you are too busy and there is too little time. One day, we didn’t have a clue what to have for dinner that evening, but did see we had an incredible supply of tomatoes in the fridge. So, we used those with a hand-held blender and ta-da! Soup.

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Eco friendly on a budget

An argument you often hear about why people find it difficult to live more environmentally friendly, is money. Many organic products – whether it’s food, clothes, or cosmetics – are more expensive than the regular products. And sadly, that is the truth. Sometimes I read pieces from brave blogger who come up with all sorts of theories to prove that actually, when you look at your total expenses, this is not true. But whenever I do my groceries at the organic store, I’m shocked to see the bill and I do really want to cry when looking at the prize tags of certain fashion brands. So, yes, living more environmentally friendly is more expensive, but there is also a lot you can do without it ending up with you breaking down in front of a cashier. ..

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