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Vegan coconut macaroons

These macaroons are honestly so addictive. As a child, I would always remove the wafer part and eat the rest. The slightly crunchy bottom combined with the softness of the inside from the sweetness of the coconut is just so extraordinarily good. This version doesn’t have the little wafer, so you can immediately begin eating.

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Coffee to stay chocolate donuts

Not long ago, I wrote an article about sustainable and organic coffee and tea. With every choice we make as consumers, we can exercise a little bit of positive influence on the world around us, such as the environment and work conditions. And seeing as Johann and I aren’t the only ones in The Netherlands with a coffee addiction – Dutch people drink the most coffee in all of Europe – it is amazing to be able to have coffee that not only tastes great, but is also produced fairly.

Recently, I was contacted by Coffee to Stay, from whom I learned that their business does not only make sure coffee bean farmers are compensated fairly for their work, but are also taught how to work with climate change

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Sustainable coffee and tea

As most of you will know, we are self-proclaimed coffee addicts and have about 78874 different devices to make coffee with to match. I even have a couple more on my wish list. But what about sustainability? Are there ways to be more sustainable when it comes to your daily dose of caffeine? And what to do with the left over lemon peels from my morning drink?

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Andere koek

Wij liepen al anderhalf jaar rond met het idee voor het boek. We wilden een boek maken waarbij je niet meer 8 verschillende taarten, desserts en cake hoefde te maken zodat iedereen wat lekkers heeft tijdens de feestdagen of een verjaardags partijtje. Wij wilden dat als je vegan eet of glutenvrij je niet continu hoeft na te denken of je het wel mag eten of hoe je het recept kan aanpassen. Nee, je slaat dit boek open en je maakt het omdat het je lekker lijkt.

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