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Rock your crystals

Hanneke her first book “Rock Your Crystals”. This book is wonderfully honest, not at all demeaning, and invites you to take some time for yourself, while also being aware of what you actually really need. And whether this is having a nice hot bath with stones and oils, or just some deep breathing exercises, it is all good. Crystals remind you that you need to pay attention to what feels good to you! Read my review and energy-cleanse ritual

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How to make a book part 2

So, you’ve managed to not mess up the meeting with you publisher too badly, and have brought a cake that hasn’t been partially eaten by your pet. Good! You’ve now successfully passed through the first phase. In the second phase, the publisher will make some changes to your proposal and finally agree to it, and will also look at your advance payment, the production costs, and royalties.

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How to make a book part 1

Welcome to our new blog series: “How to make a book”. The cook book market has been a successful one here in The Netherlands for a while now. I think everyone has at least one book by Jamie Oliver or Yotam Ottolenghi on their bookshelf at home. And for all the Dutchies, a good book by Yvette van Boven has almost become obligatory to own. But how exactly do you write such a book?

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