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If you want a quick and easy breakfast or snack to make without an oven, then rawnola is what you need. Seeing as it has become customary for us to start the day off with granola, it can be nice to mix things up a little sometimes. Oh, and if you add some extra dates or other dried fruits to this recipe, you can also make some delicious bars to take to school or work with you.

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Granola is the perfect recipe for someone who can’t bake to save their life, but it is also a great basis for a good healthy breakfast, and will give you a happy feeling for the rest of the week.

To be completely honest, this is also my way of cooking and baking: throw a bunch of stuff together and pop it in the oven. But, of course, Food Bandits does sound a lot nicer. We make a big bowl of granola regularly, and I have some every morning with some fresh fruits, and Johann drowns it in almond milk.

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At home

Het is even stil geweest op onze blog. Maar de verhuizing, verbouwingen naast ons oude en ironisch genoeg, nieuwe huis, het maken van een kookboek, workshops en nieuwe projecten maakte dat we niet toe kwamen aan heerlijk rommelen in de keuken. En hoewel de extra frieten, repen chocolade en glazen wijn heerlijk waren zijn we nu wel weer toe aan wat gezonder eten. Al blijft de definitie voor gezond altijd relatief.

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