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Food photography tips

After having shared plenty of tips with regards to food styling and studio work, I now want to share some photography tips. As with everything in life, the most important thing when it comes to photography is practice, practice, practice. Johann always used to say during photography workshops, that your first 1000 photos will be crap. But then you’ll finally that take one picture where you can see just how much you’ve improved.

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How to make a book part 5

What cook book nowadays doesn’t have its photography done by Simone and her team? And her team deserves a quick shout out, because Alex and Esmee are also simply amazing. But honestly, Simone has worked on a lot of Dutch cook books, and they were also the first ones to start giving workshops in food photography and styling. Keep in mind that they also have a great blog and their own cook book on top of that, so you can probably understand why I follow Simone’s work with so much pleasure and asked her for a couple of tips.

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