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Summer abundance pie with vegan lemon curd

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know summer isn’t exactly my favourite season of the year. I don’t much like the heat, that barbeque smell, or the extra noise outside. But I do love all the fresh fruits that are now available in the shops, and admittedly, summer morning are perhaps some of the most gorgeous mornings in existence.

Here is our simple sweet summer pie with vegan lemon curd

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Simple series tahini sauce

This has to be the easiest recipe we have, but we make this so often and we never get sick of it, so here it is anyway. This easy to make tahini dressing is delicious in a salad or with some grilled veggies. Or, if you make some quinoa with chopped raw vegetables, this dressing will finish it off perfectly!

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Simple series granola

Granola is the perfect recipe for someone who can’t bake to save their life, but it is also a great basis for a good healthy breakfast, and will give you a happy feeling for the rest of the week.

To be completely honest, this is also my way of cooking and baking: throw a bunch of stuff together and pop it in the oven. But, of course, Food Bandits does sound a lot nicer. We make a big bowl of granola regularly, and I have some every morning with some fresh fruits, and Johann drowns it in almond milk.

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Nutty banana bread

Ik denk dat iedereen, zelfs de mensen die niet van bakken houden wel eens bananenbrood heeft gemaakt. Het is ideaal voor het 'ik kan niet bakken-mens' en niets is fijner met deze grijze dagen om met een dik plak bananenbrood op de bank te zitten, warme deken en ik zou willen zeggen lezen maar we weten allemaal dat het Netflix kijken is en ook nog eens de domme series zoals 'Skin Wars' want Rupaul maakt alles goed.

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