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Make your own margarine

Our first ever IG tv is now online! We have been wanting to make videos like this for a while, but every time we didn’t like what we came up with, until we recently looked back at some of our earliest pictures and were actually pleasantly surprised with how much we liked our “eh, it’ll do” pictures. So inspired by that we have a video and recipe for your own margarine without too much hassle

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Gooey vegan and gf chocolate cake

Imagine having a brownie, a chocolate cake, and a Schwartzwälder kirsch torte in one. And now imagine this also being incredibly easy to make, while also being gluten free and completely plantbased! No worrying about finding all the ingredients at your local supermarket. Doesn’t that deserve its own celebratory statue or at the very least its own song, written and performed for Food Bandits?

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