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Almond chocolate cake vegan and gf

When we first found this recipe at Tasty Yummies, I could not believe that a recipe this simple, could taste that good. This recipe is quite simply perfect and I do recommend this as a “must try.” Vegan and gluten free, oh and all the chocolate goodness.

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The cookies we send

A couple of a years ago, I was spending my birthday laying on the couch, just like another other day (I know I’ll die with a flat head), when a big envelope fell through our letter box. Inside it, there were (still completely whole) homemade oatmeal cookies from Barbara from De Wereld van Fien (literally translated: Fien’s World). She had sent a sweet little birthday card along with it and that’s when I truly felt like it was my birthday. It was so special receiving freshly made cookies like that, and since then Johann and I have also been sending cookies to people who we feel is in the need for a little support, or as a way to say “thank you”.

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Decadent chocolate tahini pie

This cake is truly luxurious. The biscuit made from chocolate and almonds, the layer of rich chocolate that covers it, the sweet fudge with sea salt, the tahini, and you could even add an extra layer of caramel with some coconut cream and powdered sugar if you want to go extra fancy. This cake is more than just a treat.

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Vegan and GF Apple crumble pie

Het is heel lang geleden dat ik een taart als deze heb gegeten, een standaard deeg maken wat glutenvrij en vegan is valt niet mee. Je mist al gauw de samenhang en elasticiteit die gluten en eieren creëren in een deeg. Maar ik geloof dat het ons is gelukt en dan heb ik het nog niet eens over de heerlijke appelvulling.
En waar ik normaal van het gooi en smijtwerk ben vraag ik je nu om het recept te volgen.

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