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Simple series tomato soup

The best recipes are created when you are too busy and there is too little time. One day, we didn’t have a clue what to have for dinner that evening, but did see we had an incredible supply of tomatoes in the fridge. So, we used those with a hand-held blender and ta-da! Soup.

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Simple series oven baked tomatoes

When we first decided to start this series of simple recipes, we completely forgot about this one particular recipe. We have made this so often, we don’t even think about it anymore. And that while the entire point of this series is to share those basic recipes that you want to make over and over and over again. This particular recipe we have been making for over 13 years now, and it manages to turn any salad into a fancy meal..

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Simple series tahini sauce

This has to be the easiest recipe we have, but we make this so often and we never get sick of it, so here it is anyway. This easy to make tahini dressing is delicious in a salad or with some grilled veggies. Or, if you make some quinoa with chopped raw vegetables, this dressing will finish it off perfectly!

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Simple series granola

Granola is the perfect recipe for someone who can’t bake to save their life, but it is also a great basis for a good healthy breakfast, and will give you a happy feeling for the rest of the week.

To be completely honest, this is also my way of cooking and baking: throw a bunch of stuff together and pop it in the oven. But, of course, Food Bandits does sound a lot nicer. We make a big bowl of granola regularly, and I have some every morning with some fresh fruits, and Johann drowns it in almond milk.

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Simple series sweet potato fries

For years I’ve said that fries were my favourite kind of food. Or at least until I began to realise that my body doesn’t actually react very well to it. Generally, it’s just too greasy for me, and on top of that I’ve also realised that eating fries actually makes me lose energy instead of gaining energy from it. So lately I yell about how much I love eating a whole jar of kimchi, and believe me I’m not even lying. The moment you open my fridge, you can just smell the fermented garlic and chili flakes. My other great love is sweet potato fries

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Simple series part one taco's

We’ve wanted to start a new series focusing just on quick and easy recipes to use on a weekly basis for a while. And now the time has finally come.

We do actually eat a lot of pies and cakes, but we also love easy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. The reason why we didn’t start this series sooner is simply because I’m a very hangry person when it’s nearly dinner time. You could therefore even say that we haven’t started it yet, because we like to keep things pleasant during dinner. But there are a couple of Food Bandits classics that you have to try out!

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