How to make a book part 4

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Your recipes have been tested and written, and the photos are done. So… what now?

Throughout the book-creating process you will be sending pictures and written pieces to the editor, who will see whether you’re still on the right track. This means they won’t only be looking at the recipes themselves, but also at the explanations of certain special ingredients, how the recipes work, how import it is to be aware that every oven works differently in each recipe (and how the seasons have an effect on this as well), and your word of thanks. In addition, all your texts will be looked at by a culinary editor as well as the general editor, but this can differ depending upon the publishing company. Personally, I had made it clear from the start with both of our books that writing texts in correct grammar isn’t my strong point, so I can’t thank God enough for those wonderful people who are good at it and can help me with that particular aspect of it all.
Once you’ve looked over all your photos and texts for what will feel like the hundredth time, a sample print of your book will be prepared. By the time you’ve looked this sample through and all the adjustments have been made, you’ll barely recognise your book anymore. And then the waiting begins. Some publishing companies will have money available for a marketing campaign (it’s always a good thing to have a lot of pre-orders when your book is first put onto the market, but it’s also good for the presentation of the book. Although… this last may be more something for yourself, unless your name is Nigella Lawson. Not that a pop-up cake shop doesn’t still sound like a fantastic idea to me (anyone for baking?)).
And then you’ll finally get the first copy of your book sent to you. And there it is: your very own book! I can guarantee, you will find some minor mistakes when you read through it, and you’ll notice a lot of things you can do better in your next book, but it’s finally here! Your book!
Now, of course, you can only hope other people will enjoy your book just as much, and that the press will give your book some attention as well to promote it, and that it’ll get a nice spot in the bookstores, and perhaps a couple of good reviews on some blogs. And what about you? You can proudly go on a well-deserved holiday.

The coming few weeks we will be hearing from others, how they have experienced the book-making process. They’ll tell you how to keep being inspired throughout the whole thing, and how they got a book deal.

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